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BIONB 1220: The Mind: Introduction

Welcome to the BioNB 1220 Guide

This research guide was designed to help you find information pertaining to the study of neurobiology and behavior. 

  • The Developing Keywords tab has a brief overview and example of how to develop a topic from question to keywords.
  • The Finding Scholarly Articles tab provides a list of databases useful to the life sciences. In addition, there is information on how to distinguish scholarly from non-scholarly works, and how to read a scientific paper.
  • The Scopus tab provides examples of a search and some basic refinement techniques.
  • The Reading a Citation tab provides a sample citation, the parts of a citations, and an explanation of a basic citation and its components.
  • The APA Citation tab provides basic examples of the APA citation style in a paper.
  • The Evaluating Credibility tab provides a tool to use when evaluating the validity and credibility of a resources. In addition there is a simple assignment to use when studying the differences between Google and a library database.
  • For More Help click the last tab.  This is where you can email the liaison librarian directly, and set up a reference consultations.