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Cornell University Library for Staff: Library to Go

This is quick guide to the library's resources and services available to all Cornell staff.

Using online resources from home


Yes, you can access library resources from home once you know how!

There are two main methods:

  1. When you’re off-campus, start your search at for full access to all databases, online journals, article texts, and other resources requiring a Cornell subscription. When you click on subscription-only resources, you’ll be prompted for your NetID and password to begin two-factor authentication.
  2. When you don’t start at the library’s homepage, use Passkey for electronic access. Drag the Passkey icon to the top of your browser. Whenever you hit a paywall or a “forbidden” message, click the Passkey tab on your browser. If the Library has a subscription to the resource you’re trying to access, you’ll then be prompted for your NetID.

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