Image: 1969 Earth Art exhibition at Cornell University's Andrew Dickson White House

The landmark 1969 Earth Art exhibition at Cornell's Andrew Dickson White House, which was the campus art museum before the Johnson Museum was built. Robert Smithson is on the far right. Read all about the exhibition and Smithson's Cayuga Salt Mine project, sited 4 miles north of Ithaca on the southeast shore of Lake Cayuga. (Cornell News Photo; Courtesy of the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections)

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Oxford Art Online is the access point for Grove Art Online, Benezit Dictionary of Artists, Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, Oxford Companion to Western Art, and Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms. Includes image partnerships and a digital image search.

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Bibliographies on many, many topics (a few pertinent individual titles listed below). Provides introductions to each topic area, and includes guides to introductory works, textbooks, guidebooks, journals, reference works etc., and links to useful websites.

Offers peer-reviewed annotated bibliographies on specific topics in a growing range of subject areas. There are at least 50 specific topical bibliographies in each subject area. Each of these features an introduction to the topic. Bibliographies are browseable by subject area and keyword searchable. 

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