For Instructors

Tired of the usual papers and PowerPoint presentations? Want your students to go above and beyond to create innovative projects, gain experience with areas like digital scholarship and physical making, and learn 21st century techniques like 3D modeling and printing, multimedia creation, text mining, and design? With the Digital CoLab in Olin 107 and the mannUfactory makerspace in Mann 112, the library can help your students create projects like the following:

The mannUfactory makerspace can offer: opportunities for everyone on campus to make art and technology for class, research, work or fun; in an open space for all to design, create, invent, make & learn; and a chance to learn important 21st century skills. The space has 3D and specialized large format printers, Arduino and Raspberry Pi electronics kits, Legos, button and sticker making, sewing, virtual reality, media making & more. Through consultations, workshops, talks, and class or open making sessions, mannUfactory can help encourage students to produce creative, real world design projects. Get more information and schedule a class visit

The Digital CoLab, a space for learning and exploring digital approaches to research, can offer: workshops, space for co-learning groups, classroom instruction, consultations, & coding/programming help. Our wide umbrella of "digital approaches" includes text analysis, interactive maps and data visualizations, network analysis, image analysis, digital publishing, digital exhibits, and anything else you'd like to ask us about. Digital research projects often require 1) learning new technical skills, and 2) teaming up with collaborators from different parts of campus. The CoLab can help with both of these challenges. For more information and to keep up with the events and offerings, sign up for our listserv

How can you get started?

Schedule a consultation to talk to us about your ideas! For physical making or multimedia projects, contact the mannUfactory Team. For digital methods for research and teaching, contact Digital Humanities Librarian Eliza Bettinger (ecb4).

We’d love to hear if and how you’ve been incorporating these types of projects into your courses, any limitations you’ve been experiencing, and how we could help you.