Reusable Drink & Lunch Jars

Earth-friendly making projects in the mannUfactory makerspace

Materials needed:

  • Clean, empty 12oz or larger sized jar, with lid. (Labels removed; if needed, clean with “goo-gone” type agent to remove any adhesive residue).
  • Five extra-wide rubber bands (the kind you often find on vegetable bunches at the grocery store) or 4” Grifiti Band Joes
  • For decorative lids: Stickers, Mann Library special collections button images, or any image you can find in an old magazine or book cover PLUS dishwasher-safe Mod Podge

How to:

  • Slip as many rubber bands / Band Joes as needed to create a firm, protective grip on the jar. (These will hold up with washing, but can also be slipped off and then back on for jar cleaning as needed).
  • Use the dishwasher-safe Mod Podge to seal in any decorative stickers or images you put on the jar top. Several coats and some curing will be needed to make the seal water-proof—follow directions on the Mod Podge jar.
  • Voilà—a personalized drink-and-lunch container that helps keep plastics and other waste out of our environment. These make great gifts!

Reusable Lunch Jar

lunch jar