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FSAD 1120: Visual Thinking for Fashion Design (Summer): Overview

Guide for the Visual Thinking for Fashion Design class

Getting Started with Research

This guide contains select resources for finding and using visual images in fashion design. By the end of the session/guide, you will be able to:

  • Locate and search resources besides Google Images in order to find images for design portfolio inspiration
  • Locate and search resources for fashion, including a specialized database called WGSN in order to find images for design portfolio inspiration and info on fashion trends

EXERCISE: Google Images

Do a search in Google Images for ("beach umbrellas" italy) and pick one image. Can you tell who created the image or where it came from? what the resolution and size is? whether you can reuse or modify the image?

Image Search Engines

Google Images is a quick and easy way to find lots of images from web pages across the globe. But it only searches web content that it can find -- many images are actually hidden in databases or archives (whether freely available or in Cornell's subscription databases). The quality of images - size, resolution, description, usage rights - also varies considerably on the open web. Use Google, but don't rely on it for all image searches. Explore this page and Cornell's image databases for more high-quality options.

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