Evaluating Evidence Strength of a Nutrition News Article

Directions for the exercise:

1. Read this NY Times article:  Eating Fish May Protect the Brain From Pollutants

2. Click the link in the NY Times article that leads to the original study that the article references.

3. Find the full text PDF of the study by searching the Cornell Library Website "Articles & Full Text" search, or by searching PubMed via the Cornell Library Website. 

4. Read the article, and consider the following discussion questions: 

  • Is this a peer-reviewed journal article? How can you tell? 
  • Is this an empirical study or a review article? How can you tell? 
  • How credible is this article? Consider honesty (disclosure of funding, transparency of methods, and scan for potential biases) and expertise (author credentials, reputability of the source, and number of citations).