This guide collects resources related to the Law, Inequity and Structural Exclusion J.D. program concentration. This concentration allows Cornell law students to take courses focusing on the following:

A well-rounded legal education should include an understanding of how law can act, not only as an instrument for furthering particular client goals or as a basis for rights promotion, but also as a mechanism for inequity and structural exclusion. This broader view is important for understanding the law not only as it currently works, but also in its possibilities for change over time. To this end, the courses in this concentration explore interrelationships between law and inequality, in contemporary and historical dimensions.

Each page on the guide collects:

  • Useful definitions to consider when researching in the particular area;
  • Databases that may be useful when researching;
  • Multimedia (documentaries, recorded scholarly panel discussions, etc.) addressing the topic;
  • Books and scholarly articles available through the Cornell catalog; and
  • Scholarly journals to consult when researching. 

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