Major Databases

These are sources that are frequently used by law students. Note that Westlaw, Lexis Advance, and BloombergLaw are specifically for law students and require an individual account.  Contact Cornell Law librarian Matt Morrison with questions on these accounts. 

These databases cover primary and secondary sources of law and provide a general application for Tech students.

Corporate and Securities Research

Numerous reports published by BNA are available.  The coverage is broad including, antitrust, M&A, and securities regulation.

NOTE: BNA is a division of BloombergLaw.  BNA reports are being migrated to the BloombergLaw platform.  Use your BloombergLaw account to access BNA reports by title.

For treatises and legal forms, the Practising Law Institute’s Discovery Plus is available. 

For SEC filings, see the link to EDGAR, the SEC’s electronic filing system.  This is accessed for free on the SEC site, but is also available on Lexis, Westlaw, and BloombergLaw with improved searching capability.

Practical Law is an excellent source of sample documents, clauses, checklists, and explanation.  For law students, this material is available on Westlaw. 

Information Technology and Policy Research

Several reports offered by BNA keep you up-to-date on these topics, including e-commerce and data protection.  Again, note, this material is migrating to BloombergLaw.

Intellectual Property Research

Numerous BNA reports are geared toward IP, including media law; and patent, trademark, and copyright.  In addition, the Practising Law Institute’s Discover Plus is available.  Also, the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure is made available by HeinOnline.  Click the link and see the title on the landing page.

Other Research

Cornell Law Library makes dozens of legal research databases available to students. Browse the list by subject or title, or contact a law librarian for assistance. We can help you identify the best database for your purpose or help you develop a research plan.

Law Library Services

Scanning: Need something that's in print at the Law Library in Ithaca? ScanIt is a service offered to law students.  The linked ScanIt page provides instructions and explains restrictions and limitations. 

Research and Reference Assistance:  Reference librarians are available for basic reference questions, as well as in-depth research consultations.  Consultations can be done by videoconference, phone, or email, in addition to in-person.  See the linked pages for details.  

Our guide to Using the Law Library 101 has more information about Law Library services and resources.