SciFinder-n provides online access to several databases, including CAS, Registry, CASREACT, CHEMLIST, CHEMCAT, and MEDLINE. They provide access to CAplus, a database of chemical literature and U.S. and foreign chemical-related patents, CASREACT, and the Registry database from Chemical Abstracts Service.

They include journal articles, book chapters, patents, conference proceedings, technical reports, substance database and dissertations covered in CAS as well as articles currently being indexed, book reviews and biographical information. They cover chemistry, biotechnology, agricultural chemistry, toxicology, environmental science, medicine, and food science, from 1907 to the present. They also includes compounds identified in the CAS registry since 1957.

Both provide access to cited references, as well as citing references. See steps below.

SciFinder may be accessed from any computer. You must, however, register, using the links provided. The account is free to Cornell students, faculty and staff.

To view the Cited and/or Citing References corresponding to your search results, look at the top of the list of results, and:

  • Select Get Cited to view the references cited in the selected documents.
  • Select Get Citing to view the references citing the selected documents.