Select one of the questions, below.  Try various keyword combinations in the library catalog (Basic or Advanced). It's okay if you don't find titles that specifically answer your question.

Open up a notepad and be prepared to answer the following questions. It's okay if your answers are tentative! I don't expect you to know. The point is to get you thinking about it!

I will call on people randomly, both in person and online.

Search tips:

  • Think in terms of the broad concepts.
  • Try alternative terms (if there are any), or add them to the Advanced Keyword, using the pull-down menu to select [any]
  • Don't forget to check subject heading links!


  • How has the construction of border walls been shaped by political decisions around immigration?
  • What are the politics related to water resources technology (for example, the construction of dams)?
  • In what ways has science been involved with international diplomacy?
  • How have political factors affected actions on climate change?
  • How has big data informed police practice?

Be prepared to answer ....

  1. Are all of the titles you found relevant?
  2. Note a few examples of titles that weren't relevant. Why do you think these results appeared?
  3. What did you change in your search, if anything?
  4. Did you note any useful subject heading links?
  5. Can you limit your search to books published in the last 10 years?