Expert searching:

  • Connect terms and phrases.
    Example: technology AND politics
  • Place quotation marks around phrases.
    Example: technology AND "public policy" (placing quotation marks around the phrase, "public policy")
  • Broaden your search by using OR between alternate terms. Place these terms in parentheses.
    Example: Technology AND (policy OR politics)
  • Truncate terms with an asterisk * to find variant endings.
    Example: technolog* (finds technology and technological)


Research is iterative

Start with some of the key words and phrases of your research question.

Read through some of the articles you find, looking for additional ideas and key words that can be used to search again. Are there specific issues to pursue further? Different key words or concepts you might search?

Note: Some database records will also provide subject heading or descriptor terms to help narrow or broaden your search. Keep an eye out for these! They can also be extremely useful.

Selected Databases