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Create an Omeka Exhibit: Omeka Resources

A Guide for HIST 2391

How To: Omeka

Omeka How To

  • Create an account using the email you received from "Slavery and Visual Culture Administrator via". 

  • Import your exhibit items, document and organize them.
    Use these instructions:
    Up and Running with (Miriam Posner, In The Programming Historian)
    *** Start from "Add an Item to your Archive." ***

  • Create an exhibit from your items. Arrange them and add your introduction and curation notes.
    Use these instructions:
    Creating an Omeka Exhibit (Miriam Posner and Megan R. Brett, In The Programming Historian

Examples of Digital Exhibits for Study and Evaluation

Built with Omeka

Built with other tools

Questions to Consider

  • Who is the intended audience? Scholarly researchers, students, general public, a combination?
  • Does the exhibit focus a broad range of materials, a narrow range, or an in-depth examination of a particular work or set of works?
  • What argument is the exhibit attempting to make? 
  • Are there ways in which the argument can be made visually that would not be effective in other media, such as text?
  • What scholarly decisions were made in the design of the exhibit, the metadata, the arrangement of materials, and/or the user interface?
  • In what ways do find the project successful or unsuccessful?
  • What are your questions?
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