Downloading videos

You can often find media already online on Youtube or Vimeo or other video sites. There are many video downloading programs (of varying quality and safety) but the easiest are online downloaders or finding a recent and highly reviewed browser extension in your browser's app store. Pay attention to copyright and fair use!

Navigating the CUL media collection

You can also check out the media collection in the library. If you are looking for videos, you can look at the Streaming Video databases (see Databases>Streaming Video from the Cornell University Library (CUL) Homepage).

You can also find a variety of videos both online and on physical media within CUL holdings. There are a few other ways to find these.

  1. Type your search terms into the search box on the CUL homepage. By using the word "video" or "film" with your keyword of choice when searching, you will see items that contain both keywords in the title or text, including journal articles, books and possibly musical recordings. You can narrow your search just to videos using the option to filter by format.
  2. This same strategy will also work directly in the library catalog.
  3. Choose Articles & full text search and narrow your format to Streaming Video.

searching "video AND agriculture" from main library search box and limiting to video

Note: In the library catalog, once you have reached the record for the video you need, the means for accessing it will appear under Availability.  If you have DVDs, you can use a program like Handbrake to rip them. If it's online, you can use a screen recording program (see the box on this page titled Web video and screen capture) to record the snippet you need. 

Still not finding what you need? Try using this helpful guide to find more videos. 

Video record in the library catalog showing availability