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BEE 4750: Environmental Systems Analysis: Overview

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Practice Safe Writing!

Citing the works of authors that you use to form your own research is a critical part of the writing and research process. Citation provides evidence to back up our own ideas and statement. It demonstrates where our work fits into the greater body of knowledge.  And it gives proper credit where credit is due. 

Read these best practices to avoid accidental plagiarism and check out these proper paraphrasing techniques.

Cornell University's Plagiarism Tutorial and Code of Academic Integrity



photo credit: Jim Linwood - Rainwater Harvesting in Gibraltar - 1992. [digital photograph]. Retrieved from 

This Guide provides access to resources that will be useful to students studying Biological and Environmental Engineering. Navigate the guide using the blue tabs above or the following links:  


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Where do you start your research?

Where do you start your research?
Google: 38 votes (65.52%)
Wikipedia: 3 votes (5.17%)
Google Scholar: 10 votes (17.24%)
Web of Science/Knowledge: 4 votes (6.9%)
Other (which I'll explain in discussion): 3 votes (5.17%)
Total Votes: 58