For your final assignment

At the end of this tutorial, you will start picking and researching a controversial nutrition question of your choice, and ultimately will be looking for evidence that both supports and opposes the sides of your controversy and producing your own public contribution to the discourse on the topic via Wikipedia. Your first step is picking a topic and doing some preliminary searching for background information. Start broad and narrow!

Choose a controversial nutrition topic

Choose a nutrition controversy

If you don't have a topic idea, try these:

  • Review your course readings or think about your personal interests!
  • Check out news sites and blogs like New York Times Health Section for recent or disputed topics 
  • Browse sources like Journalist's Resource, CQ ResearcherPublic Agenda, and for reports and analysis of controversial issues.
  • Explore a scholarly journal like the New England Journal of Medicine

 If you already have a general idea of your topic:

  • Find an article on Wikipedia (Yes, really! Check the references for scholarly sources and the Talk page for controversies.)
  • Use Google or another search engine to find more background information (Look for credible sources!)
  • Search or browse through popular news and magazines like Time or Newsweek using the library's Articles and Full Text search or a database like ABI Inform (NOTE: You can search for your topic and narrow down to certain magazines using the Source Type or Publication Title options to the right.)

VIDEO: Choosing a Topic

VIDEO: Picking your topic (optional)

Picking your topic IS research