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JSTOR supports data and text mining

"JSTOR first started thinking about data and text mining back in 1999, when we learned that Fred Shapiro was using JSTOR to find the earliest known uses of words that pre-dated the record of first uses of terms from the Oxford English Dictionary. In 2008, JSTOR introduced the “Data for Research” (DfR) service, a free data mining tool for journal content on JSTOR, available to the public. DfR provides the ability to obtain data sets via bulk downloads, and includes a powerful faceted search interface, online viewing of document-level data, downloadable datasets (including word frequencies, citations, key terms, and ngrams). More than 700 data sets have been downloaded annually since the service launched. We also receive many special requests for access to even larger-scale datasets for research of various kinds and we work with researchers to tailor datasets to their needs". (5 things you may not know about JSTOR; retrieved September 27, 2021)