Stationer's Register


London. Stationers' Company. Stationers' Company records. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms, 1953. 29 reels.Lower Level, Film 1859


This is a film of manuscript records of the varied activities of the Stationers' Company, which was founded in the fifteenth century to protect and regulate the London book trade. It contains Court Book registers, records of the English Stock Company, and pension and apprentice register books, as well as "Entry Books of Copies." The Entry Books are of especial interest to scholars, since they record the names of authors and titles of books presented to the Company for printing.

Blagden's history, cited below, helps to put the records in the context of the governance and function of the Company from its beginning as a guild of writers of "text-letters, limners, book binders and sellers" to its later role, among others, as government licensing agency and copyright depository.

Users should probably compare the contents of the film to the printed records in Arber and Eyre. A table of contents for all reels is reproduced at the beginning of each reel and a copy is also attached here.


Index to the Stationers’ register, 1640-1708 : being an index to A transcript of the registers of the Worshipful Company of Stationers from 1640-1708 A.D. Edited by Eyre, Rivington & Plomer (1913-1914). La Jolla, Calif. : L. McGilvery, 1980.Library Annex Z2002.L84 T8+ Index

London. Stationers' Company.A transcript of the registers ....1554-1640 A.D. Edited by Edward Arber [N.Y., 1950] 5 vols.Olin Reference Z2002 L84T7 1950 Contains all categories except orders and decrees. Orders are in the film under the "Court Books" items on Reels 1-9.

London. Stationers' Company.A transcript of the registers of the worshipful company of Stationers, from 1640 to 1708 A.D. [N.Y., Smith, 1950] 3 vols. (Edited by G. E. Briscoe Eyre.) Olin Reference Z2002 L84T81 1950
Contains "Entries of Copies" for the period. Digitized copy of the printed volumes available online via HathiTrust.

Blagden, Cyprian. The Stationers' Company; a history, 1403-1959.London, G. Allen and Unwin [1960]. Uris Library stacks Z329 S79B63