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EARLY AMERICAN IMPRINTS (Evans & Shaw Shoemaker)

Early American imprints, first series, 1639-1800.New York, Readex Microprint, 1955-69. 31,000 Microprint cards.Olin Lower Level, Microprint 22 Online access: Early American imprints. Series I, Evans (1639-1800)

Early American imprints, second series, 1801-1819. (Shaw Shoemaker). Olin Lower Level Microcard (Uncataloged)

Records for most single items in both the first and the second series have been added to the online catalog; if, however, the item you want does not appear in the catalog, check the microcard set directly under the item's Shaw Shoemaker number.


This collection, based on Evans' American Bibliography, contains the full text of all known existing books, pamphlets, and broadsides printed in the United States (or British American colonies prior to Independence) from 1639 through 1800. It reproduces every nonserial item listed in Evans and an additional 1100 titles from Bristol's supplement to Evans.


The microprint edition was undertaken by the American Antiquarian Society in 1955 and edited by the late Dr. Clifford K. Shipton, then director of the Society. The extensive collection of early American imprints in the Society's library provided a substantial number of the imprints that were filmed. Many other major libraries in the United States and Europe also made texts available and provided editorial corrections to the original bibliographic work of Dr. Evans.


Items in microprint are arranged in sequence by the numbers assigned by Evans in his bibliography. Although the serials and newspapers have been numbered in the bibliography, they are not included in the microprint edition. Numbers 39163-49197 represent titles not in Evans but mostly from Bristol's supplement.

There is no entry for the set in the card catalog. Information cards are filed for authors, and state the following:

"Works by this author printed in America before 1801 are available in this library in the Readex MicroPrint edition."

This collection is arranged according to the numbers in Charles Evans' American bibliography.


Bibliography of American imprints to 1901 : compiled from the data bases of the American Antiquarian Society and the Research Libraries Group, Inc.New York : K.G. Saur, 1993. 92 v. Reference + Z 1215 .B47x 1993
In five sections: v. 1-42. Main part -- v. 43-56. Author index -- v. 57-71. Subject index -- v. 72-82. Place index -- v. 83-92. Date index. The first 42 volumes contain full records, arranged alphabetically by title, whereas the other 50 are indexes.Reproduces ca. 40,000 records for "items issued from presses located within the present borders of the United States...during the years 1640 through 1900...." Does not include records for serials or separately issued engraved/lithographic maps and prints. It does not claim completeness, especially for the years following 1819. Entries will note the presence of an item in the Early American Imprints microcard set, or in other microform sets such as Wright American Fiction.

Catalogue of Early American Imprints, 1639 - 1800. New Canann, CT, Readex, 1993. Reference Disk Z1215 A55 (Compact Disk Indexes, Olin Reference)
Includes records for items recorded by Evans or Bristol but not filmed.

Evans, Charles.
American bibliography. A chronological dictionary of all books, pamphlets, and periodical publications printed in the United States ... to 1820. 1903-1959. 14 vols. Reference Z1215 E92+
Evans planned to include imprints through 1820 in his bibliography and all but the last volume, completed by Shipton after Evans' death, bear the dates 1639-1820 on the title page.

Bristol, Roger Pattrell.
Supplement to Charles Evans' American Bibliography. Charlottesville, Va., University Press of Virginia. [1970]. Reference Z1215 E92+ Suppl.
Items lacking the "M.P." notation are not included in the microprint edition.

Index to Supplement to Charles Evans' American Bibliography. Charlottesville, University of Virginia Press, 1971.Reference Z1215 E92+ Suppl.
Index to authors and titles and a separate index in one alphabet to printers, publishers, and booksellers.

Shipton, Clifford K., ed.National index of American imprints through 1800. The short-title Evans. Barre, Mass., 1969. 2 vols. 1969. Reference Z1215 E92+, also in Microform Guides section.

An alphabetical author-title index to the microprint edition. For the full original description of any item, see Evans' bibliography.


Early American Newspapers, 1704-1820, Microprint 21

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