Tips for Finding Books

  1. Your first search should be a very general keyword search.
  2. Never use a, an, or the when searching for a title.
  3. Always use the long view to review subject headings.
  4. If a record says "networked resource" it is usually available online.
  5. Always pay attention to the call numbers and note whether the material is shelved in the regular, oversized (+), or double oversized (++) sections.

Finding Books

Can't Get the Book at Cornell?

Use Requests on the Library homepage to:
  • Hold, recall, request materials from the Annex, and library-to-library book delivery.
  • Interlibrary Loan material that Cornell does not own from libraries worldwide.
  • Borrow Direct is a reciprocal borrowing program among the Ivies. If Cornell's copy is unavailable, you can borrow it from another Ivy. It is fast -- usually only a few days!

Suggested Keywords

Foreign workers

Foreign workers> Labor unions> Organizing

Labor and laboring classes

Mexico- Foreign economic relations

Mexican labor migration

Mexicans employment United States

Emigration and immigration

Emigration and immigration -- economic aspects

Emigration and immigration -- history, government policy

Emigration and immigration -- statistics, periodicals

Foreign workers -- legal status, laws

Migrant personnel -- social conditions

Undocumented workers

Illegal immigrants, aliens


Mexican immigration

Refugees -- legal status, laws