UN documents on Microfiche and Microcard

First, check the United Nations Official Document System (ODS).

ODS Online covers all types of official United Nations documentation, from 1992 forward and older UN documents are being added to the system all the time.
ODS also provides access to resolutions of the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council and the Trusteeship Council from 1946 - .

If you don't find it online, we may have it in our Microfiche or Microcard Collections.

Readex Microfiche and MicroCard sets

Olin Library owns Readex UN Documents microfiche and microcard sets to cover the masthead documents as well as the official records that we might not have received in paper.

MICROFICHE: 1982 - 2009
Request at Reference Desk.

Notes for Reference staff:
From the Olin 106 F area, take the stairs (opposite the 106 F restroom) down one level. Go through the door to the next small room. The Readex UN microfiche cabinets are on the left.

Filing Order in the cabinets:

1982 -- 1991. Items are filed alpha-numerically, by symbol number.

1993 - present. Items are filed first by Readex Year (year filmed), then alpha-numerically within that year. This corresponds to the checklists provided by Readex.

MICROCARD: 1946 - 1981.
Shelved on the Lower Level of Olin Library, on range L092 - A.

The first set of boxes contain the Official Records. In most cases, the boxes with the Official Records will have a large blue dot (or a large round discoloration where once a blue dot stood). Documents are filed alpha-numerically, by symbol  number.

Following the Official Records, there are boxes and boxes of masthead documents, organized alpha-numerically, by symbol number.

Note: Scanning or Printing from Microfiche and Microcard: Ask for help in the Media Center. Our new micrographic scanners can accommodate microcard.

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