• References to books generally include an author, a book title, the publisher city, the publisher name and the year published. Use the classic catalog and search by author or title.
  • References to individual essays or articles in edited books begin with the author of the article/chapter/essay, the title of the chapter or essay (sometimes in quotation marks), followed by the title of the book or the book editor(s), followed by publisher information and the year.
    • Example:
      Carney, Elizabeth Donnelly. "Putting women in their place: women in public under Philip II and Alexander III and the last Argeads." Philip II and Alexander the Great : father and son, lives and afterlives. ed. by Elizabeth Donnelly Carney and Daniel Ogden. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010, pp. 43-53.

      To find this article/chapter/essay, use the catalog and search by title of the book or editor. 

  • References to journal articles will begin with the article author, the title of the article (sometimes in quotations), followed by the title of the journal (sometimes in italics),  a volume number (sometimes followed by an issue number) and a date (often a month and year).

    McClymont, J. D. "Reading between the lines: Aristotle's views on religion." Acta Classica 2010 53: 33-48.
    Use the catalog and search by journal title (NOT article title).