General Searching and Newspapers

Cornell University Library provides access to research databases for general use and subject specific databases. These general resources don't have everything but think of these as a little bit on every subject. If you aren't sure where to start, start here! 

As you get started, keep in mind that your first search may return 0 results or a million results. The key is to adjust your search - change your search term from 'PV module' to 'solar panel' or 'solar energy', change your date range to the most recent 5-10 years, select only scholarly, magazine, newspaper, or trade publications, etc. Find an article that covers your topic and use the keywords or subject terms from the database in your next search. Adapt your search based on your results.

Engineering Databases

Are you looking for scholarly scientific information? Are the general resources above not providing you with the detail and context that you need?

The engineering-focused databases below provide you full text access to scholarly work in engineering.