Search tips

While it's satisfying to spot a title that specifically addresses your question, you will usually need to dig deeper.

For example, if you are researching the influence of religion on American policy, it is not likely that you will find any books or articles that provide a specific measurement of the impact, but you should be able to find materials that discuss examples of specific policies as evidence for some tentative conclusions.

  1. Combine the key words and phrases from your question, not the question itself.
  2. Think of alternate terms to try!

Sample question: How have religious beliefs influenced U.S. policy?

Search: religion AND United States AND policy AND influence


For best results ...

  1. Select the "Catalog" link below the search window on the library homepage.
  2. Enter key terms or phrases
  3. Open records, read summaries, table-of-contents, and follow relevant subject-heading links
  4.  Write down the keywords your group used and one of the titles your group found.
  5. BONUS! Note any relevant subject heading links.