If you're searching the web, off-campus, you only have access to the freely available articles.

With Passkey, you will also get access to all of the articles from the online journals held by the library, even if you're only searching the web.

Step One: Make sure you can view your Bookmarks toolbar

You will be placing the Passkey bookmarklet into your Bookmarks Toolbar. To start, make sure you can view your "Bookmarks toolbar"

On  a Mac laptop, using Firefox or Safari, go to the top of your browser, select "View," and "Bookmarks Toolbar".


In Chrome, use the 3 vertical-dot menu, "Customize and Content Control" (in the upper-right hand corner). Select Bookmarks and then Bookmarks Bar.

Step Two: Go to Passkey

From the library homepage, scroll down under "Services," to open "Passkey and Other Tools"

Step Three: Drag the passkey icon to your bookmarks toolbar.

  1. Go to Passkey


  2. Hold down your mouse (or touchpad) and drag the Passkey icon (the Passkey image) to the toolbar. Note: If your toolbar appears full, drag the Passkey icon over the >> (overflow).