Searching from the library homepage


Whether you’re on campus, or off-campus, you can access all of the library’s resources by starting from the library homepage. This includes ebooks, databases, journal articles, streaming video and more. You can also discover and request print materials to pick up on campus.


Searching the web when you're on campus


Searching the web when you're on campus will also give you access to many of the library-funded subscription databases and journals, even without coming through the library homepage. This is because, on campus, you have a campus internet address.


Searching the web when you're off-campus


If you're searching the web when you're off-campus, rather than the library homepage, you won’t necessarily have access to all of the library-funded journal articles and databases you have on campus. Install Passkey!  Passkey will give you direct access to many of the databases and journal articles funded by the library, just as if you were on-campus.


Don’t worry. Adding Passkey to your browser is very easy! See below for a quick demonstration on installing Passkey.


And remember, for full access to all of the library's resources, you can search the library homepage on campus, or off-campus.