Catalan identity, politics and the Proces

Use basic sources, plus specialized articles below


  • Catalonia (Britannica Academic) -- updated in 2017.

Start your search for recent articles from the "Articles and Full Text" tab on the Library home page.  Look for articles on the Catalan Independence Movement, the Catalan Proces, political parties, and leaders such as Mariano Rajoy and Pedro Sanchez. Try searching in both Spanish and English. 

- What are various government positions (both Rajoy's and Sanchez's)

- Arguments for independence for Cataluña.

- Arguments against-independence reasons in Cataluña; the satirical movement "Tabarnia".

Cataluna Proces [missing diacritics] -- articles from The New York TImes, in Spanish

Catalonia's Independence Vote: What you need to know.  Washington Post, October 27, 2017.