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Historical context for the "Dirty War" in Argentina

Ask questions:  what led to the Junta Militar? what was Operation Condor? What was the nature of US/Argentina relations 1970-1983? What are the Madres de la Plaza de Maya?

Military Government in Latin America, 1959-1990 (Oxford Bibliographies).  Within this bibliography, the Country Case Study on Argentina identifies the best books and articles.

Lewis, Paul H. Guerrillas and Generals: The “Dirty War” in Argentina. 2002. Online ebook Chapter 7: "Toward the 'Dirty War'", pp.  97-114.

Lewis analyzes the causes of Argentina’s Dirty War, describes the ideologies that motivated both sides, and explores its consequences. He begins by tracing the Dirty War’s origins back to military interventions in the 1930s and 1940s and the rise of General Juan Perón’s populist regime. Lewis also describes the intrigues that undermined the military regime, its retreat from power, and the human rights trials after democratization. (description from Oxford Bibliographies)

Sheinin, David M. Argentina and the United States: An alliance contained. 2006.  Online ebook. Chapter 6:  "Descent to dictatorship, 1970-1983, pp. 150-180.