How to use this guide

Each tab (above) opens a page which either introduces a step in the general research process or suggests extra sources for a particular project for this class. 

This guide will help you quickly find:
  background (wisely);
  authoritative contextual sources;
  factual maps and statistics;
  information about topics of interest.

Don't pay for stuff!

Never pay for an article or book or access to resources.

In most cases (except for textbooks), the Cornell Library has online journals, newspapers, magazines, ebooks and print books, or can get them for you at no charge to you!

Install Passkey to help you connect to Cornell content from off campus;  or Ask a Librarian.

¡Hola! ¡Ven y explorar!

This guide introduces quick library research strategies for projects for this class.  Find authoritative sources quickly, and evaluate your sources.

For more background on library research strategies and resources at Cornell University, consult Introduction to Research and other links from the Library home page.

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