Items in print at the library

  • Request item for contact-less pick-up.
  • Request a scan of a chapter (1 chapter per request). If the chapters aren't listed in the catalog record, check Google Books. The preview will usually have the Table-of-Contents.
  • If you need the whole book and are attending Cornell from a remote location, ask the library if we can purchase an ebook edition. We will if we can!

BorrowDirect - On campus delivery

If the library doesn't have a title you're looking for, or we have it but another patron has borrowed it (it's "checked out'), you can use BorrowDirect to request it from another library in the BorrowDirect system.

Please note: BorrowDirect delivery may take somewhat longer because of the need to quarantine materials and because all of our BorrowDirect partners are not yet open.

Look for the Request item button in library catalog records.



Interlibrary Loan for Article Scans

If the library doesn't have the journal that contains an article you are looking for, or if the library only owns the print journal, you can request a scan of the article via Interlibrary Loan.

From a library database, or from Google Scholar, check to see if we have the article by clicking the "Get it! Cornell" link. If you don't find the article, you can ask for assistance (sometimes the journal will be here, in hardcopy!), or submit a request.

1st "Get it! Cornell" example:

Unity Through Diversity: A case study of Chrislam in Lagos. Select the "Get it! Cornell" link to find the full text.

2nd "Get it! Cornell" example:

Your resource was not found, bit it may be available. Chat with a librarian to find out!