Sample keyword searches

The search strings below are examples of combining key words, and including alternate terms (using OR).

  • Telephone
    [and] Gender OR  Women
  • automobile OR motor vehicle OR car
    [and] Gender OR  Women
  • gender OR women
    [and] sewing
  • computing OR computer
    [and] gender or women
  • technology
    [and] gender OR women
    [and] power
  • technology and gender
    [and] feminis*
  • etc.!

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Selected Databases: History

Selected Database: Gender Studies and Sociology

Search across multiple databases with the Articles & Fulltext search

The Articles & Fulltext search, from the library homepage, searches the contents of multiple, EBSCO databases.

Articles & Fulltext search from the library hompage
Options under Refine Results


  • The default is limited to Full Text. UNcheck that box!  Leave only "Available in Library Collection."  You will still get full-text links, and a much broader range of publications.
  • You can also use the filters under Refine Results to select "Academic Journals."

In some cases, you may wish to search discipline-specific databases directly. See above!