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ENGL 1131-103: (Summer 2020) Challenges of Modernity: Finding Current Periodical Articles

Resources and search tips for finding current newspaper and periodical articles on racism, wealth, and health inequalities.

Search tips:

Different databases offer somewhat different search interfaces and capabilities. I included a sample search with each database to get you started. 

General principles:

  • Connect terms and phrases with AND.
  • Place quotation marks around phrases.
  • To include alternate terms, enclose the terms in parentheses and connect with OR, e.g. (covid-19 OR coronavirus), (ethnic or racial), etc.
  • Some databases support truncation. The most common truncation symbol is the asterisk *,  e.g disparit* finds disparity and disparities. 

Multidisciplinary article databases

A selection of scholarly journal databases

Below, please find a selection of journal databases in the areas of Sociology, Politics & Policy, Science, and Medicine.