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ENGL 1131-103: (Summer 2020) Challenges of Modernity: Finding Current News Articles

Resources and search tips for finding current newspaper and periodical articles on racism, wealth, and health inequalities.

Nexis Uni Database

Nexis Uni search tips:

  • Enter your search terms with hlead followed by your search terms in parentheses in order to find your search terms in the headline or lead paragraph. Example: hlead (race and coronavirus and inequality)
  • To find longer articles add the phrase, "and length >1000" (1000, 1500, etc.). Example: hlead(coronavirus and health disparities) and length > 1000
  • Next, Narrow By: Source (to select specific newspapers).
  • To find editorials, add the phrase, and section(editorial or opinion)
  • You can also begin by finding and then adding specific sources to search under Menu -- All Sources.

Factiva database

Access World News database

Search tips:

  • Connect words and phrases with AND.
  • Place parentheses around terms connected with OR, e.g. (racism or wealth)
  • Place quotation marks around phrases.
  • Use an asterisk to find alternate endings, e.g. disparit* finds disparity or disparities.
  • Use the drop-down menu to select Headline/Lead Paragraph. If all of your search terms appear in either the headline or first paragraph, the articles are more likely to be relevant to your search.
  • From the list of results, look under "Sort by" to sort by date, location, etc.

Sample searches (to get you started)

  • race and coronavirus and inequality
  • race and covid-19 and inequality
  • (racism OR wealth) AND "health inequalities"
  • (racism OR wealth) and "health disparities"
  • (black or african american) and (health inequalit* or health disparit*)
  • minorities and covid-19 and "health disparities"