Statistics--General Sources

  •  General Statistics: 
    • If using Google, try an advanced search for your topic and the keywords statistics or data.
    • Also try Proquest Statistical Insight
  • US Government Statistics:
    • FedStats is a Gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies.
    • Statistical Abstracts compiles major stats from US govt. in one resource.  Great one stop shopping. Find data on the cost of living index, population by specific demographic groups, crime, income, and more. Data comes from various government groups, industry groups and associations, and private market research firms. The appendix contains a list of foreign statistical abstracts and contact information.
    • Do an advanced Google search for statistics in the .gov domain.
  • Social Science Statistics: 
    • For data on everything from crime to the economy, consult the library's guide to Statistics Sources for the Social Sciences

Policy and Legislation

Finding International Information & Statistics


American Factfinder - A product of the US Census, American Factfinder provides Census data in user friendly format.

SimplyMap - SimplyMap is an online GIS product that maps demographic and market data. Use it when you need demographic and marketing data for a specific geographic area in the U.S. such as a city, county, census tract, or ZIP code.

Legal and Congressional information

Besides being a good general source of news and statistics, LexisNexis is also a great source for legal and congressional information.

For Congressional information, go to Proquest Congressional

  • Do a basic or advanced search for your topic (try checking the Index terms for your subject)
  • Fiind CRS (Congressional Research Service) reports on the issue, committee and hearing reports, legislative histories and more.
  • If it's about recent or upcoming legislation, search the Leguslative Histories, Bills & Laws section or check the Hot Bills/Hot Topics section.

You can also find legal analyses of your topic in LexisNexis Academic.

  • Choose the Legal section
  • in the Law Reviews search box, search for your topic
  • Refine you results within your search if necessary


Check out the Cornell Law Library for More Help

How to Use the Law Library 101 is a great guide to get started!