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Willard Straight Occupation Study Guide: Newspapers, Dec. '68-Apr. '69

Newspaper Articles

“Incidents Reported.” Ithaca Journal, 9 December 1968, p.7

“Cornell Studies Negro Proposals.” Ithaca Journal, 10 December 1968, p. 16.

“Black Protest Continuing.” Ithaca Journal, 13 December 1968, p. 11.

Strandberg, Sue. “Perkins Discusses Black Demands, ‘Semi-Violence.’” Ithaca Journal, 14 December 1968, p. 8.

“Cornell President Perkins Rejects Autonomous Black College.” Ithaca Journal. 18 December 1968, p. 7.

“Head of Cornell Briefly Molested.” New York Times, 1 March 1969, p. 28.

“Cornell to Press Charges Against 2.” New York Times, 7 March 1969, p. 52.

“Protest at Cornell.” New York Times, 11 March 1969, p. 44.

“Police Patrol Cornell.” New York Times, 18 March 1969, p. 30.

Dunbar, Ernest. “The Black Studies Thing.” New York Times, 6 April 1969, section 6, p. 25.

“Cross-Burning: 11 False Alarms.” Ithaca Journal, 18 April 1969, p. 8.

“Reprimands to 3 Blacks.” Ithaca Journal, 18 April 1969, p. 8.

Kifner, John. “Negro Coeds’ House is Target of a Cross Burning at Cornell.” New York Times, 19 April 1969, p. 16.


Check the CUL catalog to locate which libraries or database contains the newspaper of the article(s) that you are looking for.

If Cornell does not have the issue(s) of the newspaper title(s), then try to attain through Interlibraray Loan.

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