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Willard Straight Occupation Study Guide: Books

Books and Theses


Crisis at Cornell: Impressions of Events Relating to the Occupation of the Straight by the Afro-American Society of April 19, 1969. Ithaca, N.Y., 1969

This compilation was collected from twelve members of the Cornell community by the Uris Library staff.
Uris Library + LD1370 .C93 v.1-3

Cornell University Special Trustee Committee. Campus Unrest at Cornell. Ithaca, New York: Office of University Publications, 1969.
Africana Library – LD 1376 .C 81; Management Library – LD 1376 .A36; Olin Library – LD 1376 .C815; Uris Library – LD 1376 .A36

The Cornell University Special Trustee Committee was set up to investigate the backdrop that lead to the seizure of Willard Straight Hall. Members of the committee interviewed various groups of students. Included in this report is a chronology of events that lead up to the takeover and its aftermath.

Cornell '69: Liberalism And The Crisis Of The American University. Donald Alexander Downs. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 1999.
Kroch Library Rare & Manuscripts – LD 1370 .D75; Law Library – LD 1370 .D68x 1999;
Olin Library – LD 1370 .D68x 1999; Uris Library – LD 1370 .D68x 1999
(For members of the Cornell community see also full-text)

This book is a historical overview of the Willard Straight Hall takeover. Donald Alexander provides eyewitness accounts and retrospective interviews with various people who took part in the takeover. The author also gives information about key issues that surrounded the takeover as well as an analysis of its aftermath.

Black Students. Harry Edwards. New York: The Free Press, 1970.

This book looks into the Black Student Movement of the 1960s. Edwards, a graduate student at Cornell University when Black students seized Willard Straight Hall, provides a detail account of events surrounding the Straight takeover on April 19, 1969.

Black Protest in the Sixties: Articles From The New York Times. August Meier, Elliot Rudwick, and John Bracey, Jr., eds. New York: Markus Wiener Publishing, Inc. 1991.

This book provides a collection of reprinted articles from the New York Times with the theme of Black protest during the 1960s. There is a reprint to the article written by Ernest Dunbar titled, "The Black Studies Thing." In this essay Dunbar provides a snap shot of life for Black student before the Takeover, and the demands that they made for a black studies program.

Cornell In Crisis: A Documentary Analysis. Karen M. Novick. n. pub. Place, n. year.
Africana Library – Reference LD 1376 .N94

This book provides a conservative view of events leading up to the takeover of Willard Straight Hall, and its aftermath. Included in this short book are reprints of a few articles from Rowland Evans and Robert Novak.

A Century at Cornell: Published to Commemorate the Hundredth Anniversary of the Cornell Daily Sun. Daniel Margulis, ed. Ithaca, New York: Cornell Daily Sun, 1980.
Kroch Library Rare & Manuscripts Reference – LD 1357.5 C46++; Olin Library Reference – LD 1368 .C39; Uris Library – LD 1357.5 .C39

This book includes selected newspaper clippings from the first century of Cornell published by the Cornell Daily Sun. There are fifteen pages dedicated to the takeover of Willard Straight Hall in 1969.

Proposal for the Reorganization of COSEP: From The Summer Proposal Development Committee of the Coalition of Minority Students. Ithaca, New York: n. pub. place 1975.
Africana Library – LD 1346.5 .C65; Olin Library – LD 1346.5 .C65+; Uris Library – LD 1346.5 .C65

This book provides an overview of COSEP, and an organizational structure of how it works on Cornell’s campus.

Report of the Trustee Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of Minorities. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University, 1975.
Africana Library – LD 1346.5 .A48; ILR Library – LD 1346.5 A315; Olin Library – LD 1346.5 .A48+

This report was compiled by a special committee appointed by Cornell University Board of Trustees. Its intent was to study the status of minorities at Cornell University and to providerecommendations. The study focuses on Cornell in the early 1970s and includes anecdotal evidence from the 1960s.

Wari House Cooperative, 1993-1994: Young Women Preparing for the World.
Africana Library – Reference LD 1374 .W27

Members of the Cornell University Wari House Cooperative, 1994, compiled this book. Included are historical documents, newspaper articles, essays, and poems written by members who lived in Wari House in 1994.

Wari House Cooperative Twentieth Anniversary Celebration:” Progressive Women of Color: Past, Present and Future.” 1988.
Africana Library – Reference LD 1374 .W27

Members of the Cornell University Wari House Cooperative, 1988, compiled this book. Included are correspondence from 1968-1970, copies of newspaper articles, and internal documents from Wari House.

20th Anniversary Of The Willard Straight Hall Takeover Commemorative Book. Charles R. Whitt, ed.Ithaca, New York: Black Students United, 1989.
Africana Library – LD 1376 .T97; Uris Library – LD 1376 .T97

This book was compiled by the Cornell University Black Students United. It has selected articles about the Willard Straight Hall takeover from The Buffalo Courier Express, The Buffalo Evening News, The Chicago Daily News, The Cornell Alumni News, The Cornell Daily Sun, The Detroit Free Press, The Ithaca Journal, The Ithaca Times, The Jamesville Daily Gazette, The New York Daily News, The New York Times, and The Syracuse Post Standard. The articles span from 1968-1989.



Black Students, Black Studies: Education For Liberation. Pamela L. Ross. Thesis, Cornell University, 1991. Africana Library Thesis DT 3.5 1991 R825

This thesis provides an overview of the movement to establish Black Studies programs on American college campuses during the 1960s. Special attention is given to the Willard Straight Hall takeover on Cornell University campus in 1969.

Challenging White Cultural Hegemony, Advancing Black Liberatory Education: The Black Student Struggle for Black Studies at Cornell University, 1968-69. Agyei Tyehimba. Thesis, Cornell University, 1997. Africana Library Thesis DT 3 .5 1997 T97

This thesis examines the Black student struggle to create Black Studies at Cornell University, 1968-1969. Included in this study are details about the Willard Straight Hall takeover in 1969, and well as a look at how the struggle at Cornell compares with what was taking place across the nation.

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African American College Students
African American Student Movements
Black Power--United States--History
Cornell University--Faculty
Cornell University--Students
College students--Political activity
Cornell University--Strike, 1969
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Education, Humanistic--United States
Straight Takeover, 1969
Student Movements--United States

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