GOVT 1101.103: Women and Political Violence (Spring 2017): Searching the Web

Library Research Guide


When you're searching the web you will find non-scholarly sources, and scholarly sources, undifferentiated, in one giant pot. This is not to say to say that you will always find what you want by searching the web. Sometimes you will. Sometimes you won't.

The Google search engine also includes links to scholarly articles within Google Scholar. To some extent, Google tailors search results based on what it knows about you -- your search habits, viewing habits, and location. That's basically the business model -- to gather data about you in order to deliver search results that match your "clicks" and, ultimately, to relevant ad content.

By using the library catalog and article databases, you can perform more sophisticated searches, guaranteeing that your search is comprehensive and the results are from scholarly sources. 

Note: For some, but not all, of the scholarly journal articles, Google will see the Cornell IP address and grant access to articles from journals to which we subscribe. Off-campus, you won't have the same access. [See Passkey].

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