GOVT 1101.103: Women and Political Violence (Spring 2017): Finding Articles

Library Research Guide

Aren't most articles on the web?

Many articles published in scholarly journals and popular (general interest) magazines are not freely available on the web, although they may appear that way. (For example, when you're on campus, Google sees the Cornell IP address and provides access through the Cornell Library subscription).

This doesn't work for every article reference you find on the web (even when the library subscribes to a resource) and it never works for other types of publications.

What can you do? Use the library's journal databases. 

Search Tips

Start with one or two key terms or phrases.

Add terms to narrow your search. 

Search for similar terms by adding "OR" between terms, e.g., women OR female

To help ensure you are finding scholarly materials, look for options that allow you to limit to Scholarly or Peer-Reviewed.

Look for the tools that provide citation information.

If a full-text link isn't provided, click the Get it! Cornell link to locate the full-text.

Ask a Librarian if you don't find the full text!

Evaluating Articles

Who published the article?  Is it published within a journal, a magazine for the general public,  or was it an article intended to drive business to a website?

Is the journal peer-reviewed?
There's lots of discussion about the pros and cons of peer-review these days, but selecting from peer-reviewed articles is one way for you, as a student, to identify scholarly publications.

What are the author's credentials?
Is the author an academic based at a university or is she cited by other scholars?

Does the article include footnote references or a bibliography?

Selected Databases: Women's Studies

Political Science Databases

Search tip!

     Look for the referee icon to identify peer-reviewed journals.

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