LING 1100-105: Translating and Writing (Fall 2015): Library Homepage

Searching from the library home page

The search from the homepage will display several books, several journal articles and other resources that include your key words, (with links to more results at the bottom of each column). These preliminary results are not necessarily the best resources for your topic. For that, you may need the power of the catalog and subject databases.

Sample search

Open the library home page, and enter this title (you might recognize it!):

Metaphor: A Practical Introduction



A title without quotation marks around it is basically a keyword search.

The search from the homepage returns the first three matches. The link at the end takes you into the catalog where you will find all matches for the keywords you entered.

--We purchase online books from a variety of vendors and publishers

--In some cases, you can download, chapter-by-chapter.

--In other cases, printing/downloading is limited to x-number of pages.

Journal articles

The results are from a number of different article databases, covering different disciplines.

The search is matching your key words to articles titles, and to the full-text of articles. The best matches are on top.

Search subject databases for more focused results.

Home page search box


Results from searching the homepage

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