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Career Search & New Venture Resources: Getting Started

Last Minute Interview Prep


Getting Started


This guide was designed to support career research needs and entrepreneurial pursuits at Cornell Tech. Use the blue tabs to navigate to different pages in the guide. 


Step 1: Schedule an appointment with your professional career advisor, Marina Dadashev. She will help you define your career goals and coordinate your efforts. 

Step 2: Target your search by creating lists of companies in specific regions or industries. Create a list of potential contacts at each company.

Step 3: Research companies you are interviewing with and the industries they are in.

Step 4: Talk to your career advisor, second-year students, and alumni about jobs, companies, and interviewing.

Which Type Are You?

Typically, tech students will have one of the following career paths:

     1. Working for an established company
     2. Self-employment through entrepreneurial pursuits 


Both career paths will benefit from research, as our resources can enhance your knowledge before an interview and provide business plans with the data needed to attract investors. 

Use the blue tabs at the top of the guide to review recommended research resources.