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How to: Track CSR and Sustainability: Sustainability Jobs

Sustainability Job Listings

Sustainability in the workplace is more of a way of doing a job rather than a specific job focus. As the UN report, Green Jobs, states "many existing jobs ... will simply be transformed and redefined as day-to-day skill sets, work methods, and profiles are greened." Still, there are some websites that list positions for jobs with a SGE focus.

Dev Jobs Listings of international development jobs.

Exec-Appointments.comSite based in the UK (Financial Times) with international listings for environmental positions.

Green Careers's listings of various environmental jobs. Positions range from accountants for renewable energy firms to solar panel installers to marketing executives.

Green Dream Jobs's listings of positions; primarily environmentally geared.

Job ads can be posted everywhere from the company's Web site to online newspapers to industry associations. There is no exhaustive list of job listings, but here are a few suggestions. For more suggestions contact a Career Advisor in the CMC.

This guide is a general guide for those on the SGE career track. You will also want to check other guides specific to your preferred job description.


Sustainability can mean different things to different people. It can be environmental, social, and/or governance related. Figuring out where you want to focus before you begin your job search is crucial to saving time.

Begin with asking yourself: What role do you want to play in your future job?  e.g. Do you want to be an investment analyst, marketer, general manager?

Examine your experience for relative strengths. e.g. If you are interested in development, which tends to be project-based, do you have experience doing project work or volunteer work overseas? Are you familiar with the sector the specific project is geared toward?

Depending upon your background and experience, you might want to start with targeting larger companies and broader sectors.

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