STS 1113 - Vital Politics: Science, Medicine, Activism (Fall 2017): Finding articles

Research Guide

Search across a large number of articles and ebooks

You can try your search in Articles & Full Text (click the link to open the interface)  and then use the limits on the left to narrow down to type of article (e.g. scholarly, magazine, news, etc.)

Or you can search a general article database or discipline-specific database, below.

Why choose a discipline-specific database?

These databases can often help you find the most relevant articles for your area of research, for example, searching a social science database to make sure you are getting a social science (as opposed to hard science) perspective on a topic.)

Search tips

Less is More

Fewer terms finds more articles (but they may not all be relevant).
Tip: Start with the keywords and phrases you used to find background material.

Add terms to narrow your search, if needed.

Add terms such as activism or advocacy or politic* or other terms that narrow your topic, e.g.,

"secondhand smoke" and children and advocacy

Place quotation marks around phrases, e.g. "secondhand smoke"

Broaden again, by including alternate terms in parentheses, e.g.,

"secondhand smoke" and children and (activism or advocacy or politic*)

Note: The asterisk * after politic* will find politics or political

Selected databases

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