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RABS library session

Finding Articles

By the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Choose the right resource(s) to search
  • Identify a topic and its main concepts and keywords
  • Use effective search techniques (for example, to find articles in Web of Science, PubMed and EBSCO databases like Academic Search Premier)
  • Find the full text 
  • Evaluate and save sources
  • Decipher a citation and cite properly yourself in APA format

What are you searching for and where can you find it?

Research is communicated in a variety of different ways to different audiences, with varying levels of specificity, review, and accuracy. Depending on where and how information is produced, you'll need to look in different places and use various strategies to locate and access original research versus news and background information.

Science News Cycle by Jorge Cham PhD Comics

Jorge Cham, PhD Comics: