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NBA 6220 - Marketing Strategy: Home

Getting started

Creating a marketing strategy

This online guide gives a quick overview of the key resources the Management Library offers NBA 6220 students for creating their marketing strategy.

Types of information you will need include:

Company - background, strategy, products/brands, financials, news, competitors, SWOT, news
Market - size, share, key players, consumer analysis, trends, forecast, news
Industry - associations, statistics, financial ratios, regulations, news

Citing Sources

Citing your sources can be made easy with software like Zotero. This will collect the data from your sources and will create a bibliography in the style you choose (APA, Chicago, MLA). 

When citing your sources, keep in mind the purpose is to allow for a reader to easily find the source material. 

For those who can't get enough of citing sources, see Bibliographic Citations: Resources and Guides.

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