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Ezra's Research Diary: Tried and True Strategies for Effective Undergraduate Research: Use Information Ethically

This library guide is designed to help students understand the overall process of undergraduate research at Cornell.

How do You Use Information?

Your time at Cornell is a valuable opportunity to reflect on the ways that you use information to affect your life and the lives of others. Here are a few questions to get you started thinking:

  • How is your life shaped by access to information? The lives of others?
  • How can your research benefit others?
  • What have you learned not only about your own research methods but about your personal engagement with the material? 
  • How has your research changed your path, both in terms of your career and your personal choices?

Using Information Ethically

The topic of information ethics is an area of study in-and-of itself. The questions to the left are examples of questions you might think about if you were studying the topic in depth.

For the purposes of this research project, there are some very practical reasons why you should be concerned about Citation and Plagiarism. Click the links below for more information.

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