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Life Before Us: Study Guide: Book

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One of the aims of this guide is to provide a space for those reading Romain Gary's The Life Before Us resources on how they can expand on some of the key themes rasied in the book. This guide is not intented to comprehensive, but rather to complement, the Cornell University New Student Reading Project's website

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About these pages...

The bibliographies on these pages have been compiled from the collections of the Cornell University Library in support of La vie devant soi (The Life Before Us) / Romain Gary/Emile Ajar, the reading project (August 2012) for the incoming class of 2016 and for new Cornell community members. Most of the bibliographic entries are books or journal articles; some comprise other media, such as videorecordings.

The entries in the bibliographies (by no means comprehensive for theme or subject) are deliberately brief for the sake of time and space, but searching by title or (when indicated) by author ought to pose no difficulties in retrieving fuller descriptions in the on-line catalogue of the Library ( In keeping with the milieu The Life before Us evokes, bibliographical citations include works in French as well as titles in English (some of the latter being translations from the French). Inclusion of non-English titles underscores the wealth of intellectual resources the Library possesses in “foreign” languages and, of equal importance, stresses the reality that for many areas of study, the most pertinent research or writing has been accomplished in a language or languages other than English.

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