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Career Guide: Tips for MBAs: Short on Time?

The Top 3 Things to Research

Are you attending a corporate briefing for a company you know little about and you have only 30 minutes to prep? Has one of your professors asked you to meet with them later today to give you a lead about a job opportunity, and you want to quickly check out what you can about the company?

When short on time, tackle these areas first. You can conduct a more in-depth investigation if you pursue your lead(s) later on.

Review company insider information: Go to Hoover's or to get company profile, history, news, key personnel, etc. Hoover's also provides a comparison report that tracks the company's performance in relation to it's top competitors as well as its main industry. Look in Thomson One  for company's SWOT analysis.


Research your industry space: Read the industry profile in CareerBeam. Make sure to check their "Call Preparation Questions" and "Conversation Starters" suggested for your space.


Review company financial information: Use Thomson One  or Capital IQ to get a quick overview of company financial highlights.



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