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Volcanic Iceland



Illustration of Mount Hekla from Olaus Magnus,

Historia delle genti et della natura delle cose settentrionali.

Venice: Giunti, 1565.


This association of Iceland's Mount Hekla with a subterranean Chaos is plausible for a time and place when geomorphological processes were more mysterious than they are now. As the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull (not far from Hekla) in April 2010 amply illustrates, volcanic activity is intrinsic to the environment--and culture--of Iceland.


Þingvallavatn is the large lake into which Öxará flows

after its course through Þingvellir, the historic plains

where Iceland's medieval national parliament

(Alþingi) met annually.

Icelandic News Media in Icelandic and English



Fording Markarfljót

Photograph by Frederick W.W. Howell, ca. 1900


There are several Icelandic news media outlets--newspapers and broadcast media--with Web access. These media are all in Icelandic.

Morgunblaðið has long been a leading Icelandic daily. The daily newspaper, continually updated, is at 

Archive editions of Morgunblaðið are available through the Icelandic digital archive of periodicals, tí, at (available in Icelandic and English). There is an embargo on the last three calendar years.

DV (Dagblaðið Vísir) is available at Archive editions are at under Dagblaðið Vísir – DV (1981-2003), Vísir (1910-1981) and Dagblaðið (1975-1981). ( is an on-line news site continually updated with both Icelandic and international coverage. 

News coverage via Internet is also available on the Web site of Ríkisútvarpið (Icelandic National Broadcasting),, which also carries listings for and access to Icelandic television and radio.

There are also several sites in English that specialize in news from Iceland.

Newsfrettir (NF) is at and is updated continually.

Iceland Review Online ( perpetuates the news reporting of an established English-language publication in Iceland.

Iceland News ( offers "News and analysis from Iceland..." and breaking stories through Facebook and Twitter.


ABYZ Newslinks offers the following access to Icelandic newspapers on line large and small, national and regional:



Eyjafjallajökull (2010 Eruption)



Eyjafjallajökull was especially active in April 2010; its plume of ash caused major disruption of air traffic throughout Europe and along transatlantic air routes. Subsequent to the flight disruptions there was ash fallout on Iceland that covered hay crops intended for livestock. Ómar Ragnarsson, writing on 20 April 2010 a blog titled "Hvílíkar sprengingar!" (Such explosions), which refers also to the eruption of Hekla in 1980, embedded two videos of the Eyjfjallajökull eruption, taken morning and evening. The blog, off the news site, is at

(Updated 06 October 2010.)


The Fiske Collections and Jewish Studies


Tjörnin (the Pond)

is the middle of downtown Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland.

It is an ecosystem all to its own and supports a rich variety

of plants and waterfowl.

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