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History 1134: Science in War and Peace: Home

An introduction to basic research in the humanities using Cornell University Library, with an emphasis on materials related to the history of science and Japan

Session Objectives

 In today's session we will cover:

Using the Library Catalog to locate resources
Find topic summaries, key concepts, terminology and reference materials

Utilizing a bibliography to locate relevant resources
How to be efficient and research smarter!

Requesting items not available at Cornell 
Use BorrowDirect and Interlibrary Loan

Identifying useful databases and finding articles
Find articles, essays, book chapters and monographs

Getting Help
Ask a Librarian!

Welcome to the Library!

In-class Assignment

You have been assigned to write a paper on the experiments carried out by Unit 731 during the Pacific War (WWII). 

Varieties of Approach:

1) Where would you begin your investigations of this topic?

2) What keywords would you use for searching the library catalog, the internet, and CUL's indexes and databases?


Part 1: Find a full-length book related to your topic.  (You can use the bibliography of this book to identify additional books and articles of relevance.)

Part 2: Identify a quality database that you can search for scholarly articles.

Part 3: Expand/refine your keywords after working with databases

Part 4: Find one scholarly article on your topic.

Submit the answers to your assignment via the comments link below.

Subject Guide

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