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HIST 2220: From the New Deal to the Reagan Revolution (Spring 2018): Home

A guide to library research

Don't pay for stuff!

Never pay for an article or book or access to resources.

In most cases (except for textbooks), the Cornell Library has online journals, newspapers, magazines, ebooks and print books, or can get them for you at no charge to you! 

Passkey can help you find it at Cornell, or Ask a Librarian.

About this guide

Use the blue tabs above to navigate through this guide.

Each tab relates to a type of material and a step in the library research process.


Use ALL the tools!



The best research uses everything, all the tools.  But not all tools are equal. Google and Wikipedia have their uses, but when it comes to scholarly research, rely on restricted tools/resources which are superior, have more content, and are free to Cornellians.


Open to the World Tools

Restricted/Subscription/Academic Tools

Google Library databases
Google Scholar/Google Books Books/HathiTrust
Wikipedia Online & print scholarly encyclopedias Newspaper databases & archives
websites Journals (online & print)

How Google filters what you see

American Studies Librarian

Web Accessibility Assistance